Nintendo GameCube Games in EPPING, Victoria for sale

Nintendo GameCube Games
Nintendo GameCube Games
Nintendo GameCube Games

Nintendo GameCube Games
Calls & Emails only, NO TEXT/SMS
Am listing many items for sale,
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Will take more pictures later
Pick up is in South Morang north suburbs of Melbourne, 2 minute drive from Epping, 3 turns off Plenty road.
*NOT ALL GAMES LISTED ARE PICTURED* i will take more pictures later.
ALL are complete in covers with instructions unless otherwise stated.
007 James Bond - Everything Or Nothing $40
ATV 2 Quad Power Racing $20
Big Air Free sytle RARE! $30
Black And Bruised (Alternative boxing very cool) $25
Bloody Roar- Primal Fury $30
Burnout $20
Disney Sports Basketball (No instructions) RARE! $20
Donald Duck PK RARE! $40
Extreme G Racing Association XGRA $20
Harvest Moon- A Wonderful Life $40
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World 10/10 $25
Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (No instructions) $15
King Kong (Peter Jackson's) 10/10 $25
Mario Kart Double Dash! (Players Choice) 9.5/10 $50
Mario Party 4 10/10 AS NEW! $70
Mario Sunshine 9/10 $50
Metroid Prime (Players Choice) 10/10 AS NEW!
NBA Courtside 2002 $15
NBA Live 2004 8/10 $20
Prince of Persia Warrior within $25
Rayman 3 - Hoodlum Havoc $20
Resident Evil 10/10 $30
Robots $20
Samurai Jack- The Shadow Of Aku $20
Shrek 2 $20
Sonic Adventure DX- Directors Cut $60
Sonic Adventure Battle 2 $30
Sonic Heroes With cover-No Instructions $20
Spiderman 8/10 $15
Spyhunter $25
Spyro- Enter The Dragonfly $25
Star Wars Rogue Leader- Rogue Squadron 2 $35
Starfox Adventures NO MANUAL 9/10 $30
Starfox Adventures (American NTSC version) $25
Super Smash Bros Melee NO MANUAL 9.5/10 $60
SX Superstar (Motorbike) 10/10 $20
The Legend Of Zelda - The Windwaker 9.5/10 $60
The Lord Of The Rings - The Third Race (2 Discs) 10/10 $30
The Simpson's Hit & Run 10/10 $30
Tiger Woods PGA tour 2004 $15
Waverace Blue Storm $20
Nintendo GameCube INDIGO Console with NINTENDO INDIGO controller, TV & Power Cords $120
Nintendo GameCube BLACK Console with NINTENDO BLACK controller, TV & Power Cords $120
Nintendo GameCube Black Console has small crack in case.
(You wouldn't even notice it if i didn't advise you of it... will show Working perfectly) with POWER PACK and madcatz controller (Cord isn't perfect but it works) (Perfect replacement) $90
Nintendo GameCube PLATINUM Console ONLY Fully working $80
Nintendo GameCube INDIGO Console ONLY (NO CORDS) Fully working $70
Nintendo GameCube BLACK Console ONLY (NO CORDS) Fully working $70