Hoyts Adult Restricted eTicket/eVoucher x2 $12 each in EPPING, Victoria for sale

Tickets & Traveling

Two tickets, $12 each.
Bank transfer accepted, thank you.
- This voucher must be exchanged at the Box Office or Candy Bar or redeemed at HOYTS.com.au for your ticket.
- This voucher is redeemable for one (1) general admission ticket for one (1) adult:
- for any session (except Saturday from 5pm and onwards) including the Bean Bag Cinema at HOYTS cinemas in Australia
- for any 3D and/or Xtremescreen movie session with an upgrade fee, which will be applied at time of redemption
- and is valid until the expiry date indicated and cannot be exchanged, extended or replaced.
- If redeemed at HOYTS.com.au both the voucher number and PIN are required to be entered. Booking fees will apply.